Landing Pages | Redesign + Social Media Management

For WellPsyche, we endeavored to weave a digital tapestry that beautifully blends high-tech aesthetics with a welcoming, relatable vibe through a strategic redesign of their landing pages. Inspired by the crisp and modern visuals synonymous with brands like Apple, our design palette was dipped in shades of white, light greys, and soothing blues, cultivating a space that speaks to innovation, trust, and tranquility in the mental health space. Additionally, to make the platform feel like a safe and understanding environment, images and illustrations of relatable individuals were judiciously integrated throughout the page. Every element, from typography to imagery, was meticulously selected and placed to guide visitors effortlessly through their journey, providing them with relevant information, while also subtly conveying the innovative, yet empathetic nature of WellPsyche’s approach to mental health care.


Turning our focus towards a potent and meaningful social media management strategy, the goal was two-fold: to amplify WellPsyche’s recruitment efforts and to establish the brand as a thought leader in the mental health domain. Our social media content leaned into sharing pivotal insights regarding mental health, with a blend of informative articles, thought-provoking quotes, and success stories, strategically designed to foster a community of awareness, empathy, and enlightenment. For the hiring campaigns, we crafted messages that not only spotlighted the innovative and supportive work environment that WellPsyche prides itself on but also resonated with the aspirations and ethos of potential team members. Utilizing various social media platforms, we ensured that each piece of content, be it for hiring or sharing mental health insights, was optimized for its platform, ensuring the widest and most effective reach possible. This integrative approach enhanced WellPsyche’s digital footprint, harmoniously balancing its image as a tech-forward, yet profoundly empathetic mental health practitioner and employer.

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