Synergistiq Wellness

Brand Identity + Website + Print Material + Social Media Management

Despite its strong reputation in the wellness sector, Synergistiq Wellness felt their brand was no longer fully representative of the quality and breadth of their services. Their digital presence and print materials appeared outdated and lacked a cohesive, modern aesthetic that resonated with their audience.


We began by diving deep into what Synergistiq Wellness stood for. Through extensive discussions, we developed a brand identity that was modern, yet timeless. The new logo, color palette, typography and brand guidelines reflected the essence of holistic well-being, elegance, and premium service.


A new, responsive website is being designed to provide an intuitive user experience, reflecting the brand’s refreshed identity. Incorporating interactive features and a streamlined navigation system, visitors will be able easily discover and engage with Synergistiq’s offerings.


To ensure a consistent brand voice and aesthetic across all platforms, we revamped their social media presence. High-quality visuals, curated content, and regular engagement tactics transformed their social channels into vibrant communities where clients could connect, book, and learn.


Post-rebrand, Synergistiq Wellness saw a significant uplift in client engagement, both online and offline. Their new professional aesthetic not only reinvigorated their existing client base but also attracted a younger, more digitally-savvy demographic. The unified branding across all platforms solidified their position as a leader in the wellness space and set them up for future growth.

Today, Synergistiq Wellness stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategic brand evolution, proudly serving its community with a renewed sense of purpose and style.

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