Brand Identity

SOLéVO, a luxury skincare brand, sought to establish a brand identity that seamlessly merged the tranquility of nature with the allure of luxury, balancing a clean aesthetic with edgy design. Let’s highlight the key elements that define SOLéVO’s brand identity and how it successfully communicates its values to its audience.

Earthy Elegance.

SOLéVO’s brand identity revolves around soft, earthy colors that evoke a sense of calmness and connectivity to nature. These colors were chosen to signify the brand’s dedication to clean, nature-inspired ingredients while simultaneously portraying an air of luxury and sophistication. This choice was instrumental in conveying SOLéVO’s core values to potential customers.

SOLéVO’s clean and minimalist aesthetic reflects the purity of its ingredients. The design communicates transparency and integrity, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to providing skincare products with easily understood, clean ingredients. This simplicity enhances customer trust, a vital component in the skincare industry.


In the resonance of this name, SOLéVO, we find a symphony of syllables, a harmonious fusion of sol and évoquer – sun and evoke. It evokes the sun’s gentle embrace upon the skin, the warmth that awakens dormant beauty. It is an invitation to summon one’s inner radiance, to embrace the light within, and to reveal a beauty that is, at once, timeless and vibrant.

A Masterpiece in Every Bottle.

SOLéVO is more than skincare; it is an artistic expression, a canvas of beauty that embraces your skin. It is the intersection of poetry and science, where nature’s secrets and luxury’s allure converge. In every bottle, SOLéVO encapsulates the promise of luminosity, the artistry of beauty, and the grace of transformation.

Welcome to the world of SOLéVO, where beauty meets poetry, and where the journey to your radiant self begins.

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