Ruby Essence

Brand Identity

Ruby Essence – Sparkling Shiraz is a wine that exudes the essence of fun, charm, and spice in every bottle. The brand’s tagline, “Fun. Charming. Spicy,” perfectly encapsulates its unique personality. The creation of this brand identity was a carefully crafted process that aimed to bring out the playful yet edgy character of the wine, resulting in a captivating and seductive appeal.

A Playful Twist on Tradition.

The design choices for Ruby Essence were inspired by its rich reds and greens, evoking a sense of natural beauty and sophistication. The label features a harmonious color palette that mirrors the wine’s deep, beautiful hues, conveying a sense of elegance and excitement. This color scheme was chosen to reflect the wine’s joyful and spirited nature, enticing consumers to indulge in a sensory adventure.

The Captivating Typeface Alchemy of Ruby Essence.

The playful yet edgy aspect of Ruby Essence is further emphasized in its logo and font choices. The logo is designed with a bold and dynamic typeface that adds a touch of modernity, while the use of elegant, swirling scripts conveys a sense of charm and sensuality. The contrast between these elements creates a visually appealing tension, mirroring the wine’s complexity and allure.

Ruby Essence - 
Sparkling Shiraz in a Can.

Ruby Essence’s brand identity exudes a sense of sophistication and sexiness through its overall presentation. The can’ shape and textured finish offer a tactile experience that invites consumers to touch and explore. The result is a product that not only tastes exquisite but also appeals to the senses on multiple levels, making Ruby Essence – Sparkling Shiraz a wine that is unforgettable.

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