Brand Identity + Web Design

Creating the brand identity for MA+39 was a journey that began with the essence of the brand itself — a fusion of Italian heritage and the contemporary Los Angeles design scene. Through a collaborative process, we aimed to encapsulate the brand’s ethos, delivering a visual language that speaks to both its roots and its modern evolution.

Telling a Visual Story.

The narrative we envisioned for MA+39 was one of sophisticated elegance with a twist of modernity. We started by crafting two distinct brand kits, each telling a different side of the MA+39 story. One kit embodied a vintage charm, drawing inspiration from earthy tones and classic textures, hinting at the brand’s Roman lineage. The other kit ventured into a more contemporary realm, with bold contrasts, sleek lines, and a monochrome palette, echoing the brand’s reinvention in the vibrant atmosphere of Los Angeles.

The website is currently under construction.

Invitation to Experience.

We extend an invitation to all who are ready to explore this dynamic interplay of elements with us. is dedicated to translating your brand’s essence into a captivating digital presence that complements its physical identity. Join us on this creative voyage as we blend tactile tradition with digital innovation, crafting experiences that are both memorable and authentically connected to your brand’s core.

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