Hill Palanga

Print Material

We don’t just create designs; we craft stories. Our designs are intuitive, engaging, and purpose-driven. We pride ourselves on being versatile, able to craft both elegant and edgy solutions. The Hill Palanga project is a prime example of how we tailor our approach to the unique narrative of each client.

Sleek Sophistication.

For the business cards, we aimed to create an object that one would hesitate to tuck away. The front of the card bears the spa’s logo—bold and solitary—against a white backdrop, embodying the singular experience Hill Palanga offers. On the flip side, we laid out the contact information with a structured grace, using spacing as a design element in itself. The result is a card that is not only informative but also a piece of minimalist art.

The Christmas brochure’s innovative layout serves a dual purpose. On one side, a cleanly designed treatment menu invites clients to explore the spa’s offerings. Each service is carefully listed, promising a serene reprieve and an escape into luxury. Flip it over, and it transforms into a tasteful gift voucher, complete with festive illustrations that whisper of the season’s delights, making it an ideal present that promises rejuvenation.

Versatile Design Solutions.

While we excel in creating minimalist and elegant print materials, we also embrace the bold and the innovative. Our portfolio spans the refined grace of luxury branding to the cutting-edge visuals of edgy design. We understand that your brand is unique, and our designs are customized to encapsulate that distinctiveness – whether you’re looking for the understated sophistication of a business card or the dynamic vibrancy of a brochure that breaks the mold. With Byond.la, your graphic design is limitless, engaging, and always on-brand.

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