Dr. Kanodia Medspa

Website Redesign + Print Material

For Dr. Kanodia Medspa’s rebranding project, we transformed the brand into a symbol of luxury and sophistication. We introduced a new color palette featuring rich, dark hues that exude opulence and exclusivity. The design embodies a perfect blend of cleanliness and sensuality, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the essence of luxury.

Dr. Kanodia's AMLA Products

The design process for Dr. Kanodia’s AMLA products flyer centered around creating a dark yet luxurious aesthetic. It began with conceptualization, selecting a rich color palette, elegant typography, and high-quality imagery. A clean layout and matte finish were employed to enhance the flyer’s sophistication. Branding elements were seamlessly integrated, and clear, compelling copy was crafted for message clarity.

Elevating Luxury and Elegance.

Dr. Kanodia, a renowned and cherished surgeon, known for his expertise in scarless ‘closed rhinoplasty’ nose jobs and artistic prowess, served as the inspiration for the brand’s new identity. The design conveys the prestige associated with Dr. Kanodia’s name, making it highly appealing to celebrities and those seeking the utmost in aesthetic care.


Through a meticulous blend of dark, opulent aesthetics and sophisticated design, we elevated Dr. Kanodia’s brand to new heights of luxury and allure. Our comprehensive approach seamlessly integrated this theme across website and print materials, creating a cohesive and captivating brand identity. By embodying the essence of elegance and refinement in every detail, we transformed Dr. Kanodia’s brand into a powerful symbol of aesthetic excellence, leaving an indelible mark on both celebrities and discerning clientele alike.

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